Monday, May 16, 2011

Little Da Nang Restaurant-Only in Olympia

Little Da Nang Restaraunt
301 W 4th Ave
Olympia, WA

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My Favorite Restaurant, even if I don't always know the name of the dish I am ordering!

This is not a fast food restaurant! It is food done right, from scratch, no MSG, with fresh ingredients to order.

This building used to be the Locksmith Shop a few years back and although it is quite small, it is well worth the trip.   

Visitors get a flavor of Downtown Olympia as it is tucked between the water park, the Alano Club, the Marina, & Childhood's End Gallery at the 4th ave round about.   

Seems that every Friday night and Saturday morning there are different groups of demonstrators about, and parking is where you can find it, even so this little shop stays busy for lunch and dinners daily, and the for the most part demonstrators are respectful of the restaurant staff and its customers. 

We often go by the numbers from the menu, my husband and I like the 23 with lemon grass and ginger, he likes beef, I like the chicken, he takes no spice, I like it medium hot.  I grew up in Texas,  land of hotter than authentic Mexican & Chinese food, so if you are unaccustomed, I would recommend you start with very little spice in your dishes. You can always add in some spice from the table to see what your palate prefers. 

Oldest son is a more often than not vegetarian and goes for the B-2 meal.  My other kids like the chicken sandwiches or if we are having dinner, will order the A-1 which is fried rice, chicken and egg rolls.  

The spring rolls are excellent, several varieties and come with peanut sauce for dipping.

They serve a very strong French coffee on ice with condensed milk that is amazing. Only the brave dare drink this later in the evening though!  (did that a few times, did not get much sleep....)   

This store is open 11 or 12 daily, and not always promptly.  You can count on getting a later lunch or dinner there.   Waiting time is about 20 to 30 minutes from time of order and usually you can find a table for 2 to 6, and there is a highchair for children. 

The French Bread sandwiches are perfect for eating on the run or a lighter meal in. If you order  in,  the chicken, pork, beef, or vegetarian sandwich comes with a small salad, and we especially like the sweet shredded carrots on that.  The vegetarian sandwich is a treat if you want something a little different, with a from scratch warm veggie patty.  The sauces and dips are what makes the dishes unique. The generous portions, with plentiful vegetable & rice servings make the meal a hearty and healthy one. 

The most common dish we see served there is the noodle soup.  I have tried the Egg dish and Hum Bow and Almond Chicken, but they are not my favorites, but I enjoyed trying them out.  

Recipes have varied some over the years, and staff will adjust orders by request.  Prices have always been affordable and going here is a treat when we can.  

If you dine at the Little Da Nang, what dish did you try? 

Chicken Fried Rice

Pork Fried Rice

Always someone different on the corner each week

Dine in or Take Out

Closed Sunday's

Little Da Nang sits across from the Marina & Childhood's End Gallery

Noodle Soup 

Noodle Soup

More Noodle Soup


This window seat has a nice view of the Marina

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